Lovelady Interiors  - Design & Home Staging, LLC
Our mission at Lovelady Interiors is to provide you with quality staging, giving you the very BEST first impression.  Whether your decision is stage to sell, stage to live or simply need a consultation, we are here for your needs
Staging Works!
95% of ASP Staged Homes sell on average in 23 days or less, VS.  Non-Staged Homes sit on the market 130 days.
Staging is worth the Investment.
Staging your home will cost you less than your first price reduction.  In this economy your home needs to stand out from the rest.
"Clutter Eats Equity"
You have two things you can control as the seller.  Your list price and the way you showcase your home.  Your home has now become a product and you should market your product the best way possible.
    -"Buyers only know what they can see, not the way its going to be."